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21.90 zł

  • Brand: Dr Joint
  • Product Code: Susz CBD blue cheese 1g.
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Flowers, cbd,

Blue cheese dried hemp 3.67% CBD

Our hemp comes from certified indoor crops, European and worldwide.

They are grown under controlled conditions, without the use of artificial fertilizers or plant protection products.

The drought is in a certified airtight packaging, impermeable to UV rays, so that you can fully exploit its potential.

Each package is protected by a hologram with a unique number.

That's why you can be sure there is Premium drought inside.

Each purchase includes a certificate from an independent laboratory, assigned to a specific variety !!! Which informs that Susz is legal !!

The product is completely legal, admitted to trading in Poland and in many countries of the European Union.

Drought has no psychoactive properties !!!

• Rich in CBD: 3.67%

• THC less than 0.2%

Premium product !!!

The drought does not contain seeds and stems !!!

The presence of a small amount of leaves is natural, because the flowers have small leaves.

Leaf content less than 5% !!!

We love hemp !!! That's why we can guarantee 200% satisfaction from the use of our products !!!

Natural and intense aroma !!

Weight 1 g.

Interesting discounts for larger orders !!

The seller and distributor are not responsible for the content in the event of a seal or packaging breakage.

The product is intended for aromatherapy / vaporization.

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