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Collagen serum with vit. A + E

187.00 zł

  • Brand: Souvre
  • Product Code: Serum kolagenowe vit A i E 15ml
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Collagen, serum, A, E

Bring back your youthful glow. The SOUVRE INTERNATIONALE collagen cosmetics line is a comprehensive treatment that will help you fight key signs of aging. The gel consistency will reduce lines under the eyes, swelling, even out the color, reduce wrinkles and provide your skin with adequate hydration. The preparation has been enriched with an additional portion of collagen and valuable vitamins A and E. You will see and feel their properties on your own skin.

15ml capacity


smooth, firm and full of vitality skin around the eyes,
moisturizes for a long time, leaving a feeling of freshness,
skin visibly younger and more radiant,
wrinkles clearly reduced.

Active ingredients:

Vitamin A,
Vitamin E.

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