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Beeswax perfumes FOREST FLOWERS

42.00 zł

  • Brand: Miodowa Mydlarnia
  • Product Code: Perfumy w wosku Kwiaty Leśne
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Perfumes

Beeswax perfumes FOREST FLOWERS
Net weight: 15g

Fresh, floral accords of forest bells, jasmine and gardenia mixed with aromas of green foliage and warm moss.

Close your eyes and move to a forest meadow, shimmering with the golden glow of sunlight, breaking softly through the tall trees.

It is pleasantly warm, with each slow step you raise the subtle, floral aroma of the sheathing. You are surrounded by a soothing rustling of leaves, you breathe deeply in a carefree fragrance, envelops you in warmth, you smile lightly with the pure pleasure of being here and now. It is delicately sweet and fresh at the same time. Cosily. Perfectly. Yes, hold on for a while.

Perfumes in beeswax and jojoba oil, also called hard perfumes, are an original, very practical and effective form of perfume with a high concentration and durability of the fragrance.


Beeswax and jojoba oil are excellent carriers of the fragrance notes enclosed in them - they perfectly capture, take root and maintain the aroma, are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy trace. They gradually release the fragrance, and its perception is more intimate, personal, related to closeness, this experience is not as obvious and violent as after using traditional, volatile perfumes based mainly on alcohol.

The consistency of the perfume is medium-hard enough: perfumes retain their form under normal conditions of use and storage, it is easy to pick up a little with your fingertip, dissolve gently only under the influence of skin heat, when absorbed quickly.

The perfume is enclosed in a dark glass jar with thick walls, which perfectly protects the contents from sunlight and guarantees freshness and durability of the fragrance.

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