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HONEY-CARBON solid shampoo for men

43.00 zł

  • Brand: Miodowa Mydlarnia
  • Product Code: Szampon w kostce dla mężczyzn
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Shampoo, solid, men

Net weight: 70g

For men

activated carbon cleansing shampoo

For all hair types, perfect for washing the beard.


The perfect cosmetic for anyone who loves our planet as much as their hair.


The shampoo is a balanced composition:

* extremely gentle, mild, non-irritating shampoo products derived from coconut oil, completely biodegradable: SCI and DECYL GLUCOSIDE (ideal for sensitive individuals, allergy sufferers)
* intensive care and cationic conditioners necessary for hair: HONEYQUAT - obtained from honey, and BTMS - obtained from rapeseed oil; are unquestioned ingredients that have a beneficial effect on smoothing and combing hair, prevent frizz, act anti-static

* highly moisturizing ingredients: HONEY, PANTENOL (provitamin B5), SODIUM LACTATE (obtained during the natural sugar fermentation process with lactic bacteria)

* emollients: COCOA BUTTER, CETYL ALCOHOL, CASTLE OIL, JOJOBA OIL - which effectively retain moisture in the hair, nourish, regenerate, strengthen the hair shaft, add gloss

* EXTRACTS FROM SKIN AND ROSEMARY - rich in numerous bioactive substances (including silica), which, among others stimulate hair growth, regulate sebum production (natural sebum secreted by the skin), affect hair strength and elasticity

* ACTIVE CARBON - with a huge cleansing potential, it will help remove excess sebum and any impurities, will have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

* fragrance oil - with a pleasant, unobtrusive, masculine aroma to make hair care even more masculine. The aroma is the same as in our GENTLEMAN face and body butter - together they create an elegant and practical set of cosmetics for men. The oil used is a high-class fragrance that meets European Union directives and International Fragrances Association (IFRA) standards.

* LACTIC ACID - it is a natural substance found in our body, we use it mainly to give a low pH conditioner suitable for hair; in addition, lactic acid moisturizes, strengthens, refreshes, prevents static hair - all good!

* preservative (DHA BA) - accepted by Eco-cert in natural cosmetics; we used a preservative in the lowest possible, but effective concentration - for your safety, because water, moisture, elevated temperature, bathroom - these are typical conditions for the development of microorganisms, mold and fungi - and we want to protect our balm and your health against them
We have made sure that our shampoo has a pH below 5 - the hair loves slightly acidic pH, then it repays with a nice smoothness, no irritation, longer freshness.

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