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Hemp Bio Syrup with sea buckthorn 300ml

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  • Product Code: Konopny Bio Syrop z Rokitnikiem 300ml
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Hemp Bio Syrup with sea buckthorn 300ml


Sea buckthorn, when used internally, has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver, pancreas, helps heal stomach ulcers, intensively supports the immune system, increasing resistance to infection, stress and gives the necessary energy after physical as well as mental effort. It dissolves residual phlegm, cleanses the body of toxic substances and has found anti-cancer effects. Sea buckthorn is also recommended for pregnant women, strengthening the health of both mother and fetus.

The content of the Hippophein Alkaloid, which is processed in the body into Seratonin, is also significant. The happiness hormone, which is extremely important for overall vitality, protects the body against cancer and depression.

Hemp sea buckthorn syrup does not contain sugar and is sweetened with the highest quality organic apple concentrate.


Children: 1 tablespoon minimum once a day.

Adults: 2 tablespoons minimum 2 times a day.

The maximum dose is not set.

Tip: You can use the syrup to taste, add it to summer drinks or mix it with water. If you add warm drinks, the syrup retains all its active properties up to 45 ° C.

Ingredients: apple concentrate *, sea buckthorn juice *, aqueous hemp extract *, lemon juice *

* Organic farming product

Carun hemp syrup is suitable for children and pregnant women.

100% NATURAL BIO PRODUCT, no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives, vegan.

Hemp syrup is widely recommended for:

· Weakened immunity,

· Malfunctioning of the liver and pancreas,

· Gastric ulcer, digestive disorder

· Dissolving residual phlegm,

· Detoxification of the body,

· Breathing problems

Sore throat, cough

· Bronchitis

· Asthma

· Flu, tonsillitis,

· Increased physical effort,

· Tiredness, stress,

· Mental and physical exhaustion,

· Preventive healthcare.

Does not contain THC 

Capacity 300 ml

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