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Hemp Shower Gel 200ml

71.90 zł

  • Brand: Carun
  • Product Code: Konopny żel pod prysznic
  • Reward Points: 700
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Shower Gel

Hemp Shower Gel 200ml

Hemp shower gel is enriched with tangerine oil, which has refreshing and mood-improving effects. The mandarin fragrance is pleasantly fruity, sweet, delicate and evokes a feeling of calmness and mental relaxation. Mandarin oil has strong antioxidant properties that prevent premature skin aging.

Mint oil helps with irritation, itching and is effective in the treatment of eczema or urticaria, possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The fragrance of peppermint oil refreshes the mind and combats the effects of fatigue, improves concentration, helps with stress, headaches and migraines.

Contained lavender oil has a fresh, slightly herbal fragrance that refreshes and calms down. Thanks to well-balanced properties, lavender helps replenish energy and endurance. For centuries, lavender has been valued for its positive effects on the skin and contributes to its care.

Carun natural hemp shower gel is suitable for all those who like a healthy lifestyle and care for their body and character.

How to use: Apply a shower gel to moisten the skin, lather and rinse with water.

Hemp shower gel:

Moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates,
Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sedative effects,
Suitable for dry and irritated skin,
Perfect for acne and skin eczema,
It gives a sense of purity and freshness,
Protects against harmful effects of the environment,
Improves skin effect,
Does not cause allergic reactions,
For all skin types, including very sensitive ones,
For everyday use,
For children and pregnant women.

Does not contain THC 

Without perfumes and dyes. Vegan.
Capacity 200 ml

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