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Hair ankle solid balm HONEY WITH ORANGE

46.00 zł

  • Brand: Miodowa Mydlarnia
  • Product Code: Balsam do włosów w kostce MIÓD Z POMARAŃCZĄ
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Balm, solid, hair

Hair ankle balm HONEY WITH ORANGE
Net weight: 65g (+/- 5g

emollient - moisturizing
Balsam - ankle conditioner is a novelty on the hair cosmetics market, it is extremely interesting, practical, and most importantly, an effective form of hair care, which is part of the zero waste idea so important in today's world.


Composed of nothing but wondrous hair that craves for dry, dull, static hair, devoid of life and shine.

And here they are:

* cationic conditioners in the form of HONEYQUAT (obtained from honey) and BTMS (obtained from rapeseed oil) - in the world of hair maniacs they are undeniably recognized top conditioning ingredients that smooth the hair, reduce hair static, prevent frizz, facilitate combing

* intensively moisturizing ingredients: HONEY, SODIUM LACTATE (obtained during the natural process of sugar fermentation with the participation of lactic bacteria), PANTENOL (provitamin B5)

* emollients - necessary to retain moisture in the hair, protect the hair, nourish, regenerate, strengthen: COCOA BUTTER, CETYL ALCOHOL, MACADAMIA OIL, AVOCADO OIL, ITALIAN OIL, BEE WAX

* ESSENTIAL OIL FROM SWEET ORANGE - refreshing and adding energy, along with cocoa butter creates a warm chocolate-orange aroma of balm; oil has great effect on hair shine and elasticity

* EXTRACTS FROM HONEY, LIPPE FLOWER AND BLACK lilac FLOWER - ideal for care of dry hair; contained in them a whole wealth of mucous compounds, saponins, flavonoids, allantoin, vitamins and minerals (including silica) - moisturize, soften and make the hair elastic

* LACTIC ACID - it is a natural substance found in our body, we use it mainly to give a low pH conditioner suitable for hair; in addition, lactic acid moisturizes, strengthens, refreshes, prevents static hair - all good!

* preservative (DHA BA) - accepted by Eco-cert in natural cosmetics; we used a preservative in the lowest possible, but effective concentration - for your safety, because water, moisture, elevated temperature, bathroom - these are typical conditions for the development of microorganisms, mold and fungi - and we want to protect our balm and your health from them Smooth, closed cuticle, moisturized and soft hair, tamed frizz, easier combing 

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