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Hemp Balm SOS 5ml

68.00 zł

  • Brand: Carun
  • Product Code: Konopny Balsam SOS 5ml
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Balm

Hemp Balm SOS 5ml

The Hemp SOS Balm natural balm with CBD is a balm with shea butter and hemp oil, which is widely used.

It works perfectly as a natural moisturizing lotion for dry places all over the body, as a natural lip balm when dry and chapped. Also recommended as a natural baby lotion because of its mild composition.

Hemp SOS Balm with CBD balm has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritations, bites, regenerates the skin and gives it a healthy, attractive appearance.

When should you use a hemp oil lotion?

Our offer includes effective and fully safe hemp oil lotions. This oil is a combination of many minerals and vitamins, necessary for the proper functioning of each body. It is recommended to almost every person, because it is part of a balanced and healthy diet. Hemp oil is obtained from hemp seeds and cold pressed. It is worth emphasizing that it does not contain cholesterol and is a substance that helps to improve the functioning of the body.

Lotions with this oil are used in many cases. Thanks to their rich composition and the presence of fatty acids, they have a beneficial effect, including for skin that is becoming healthier. Hemp oil regulates the lipid metabolism of the skin, which is extremely important for oily and combination skin. It is also worth knowing that hemp oil lotions are easily absorbed by the skin and easily spread on it, leaving no greasy, unsightly marks.

What else is worth knowing about hemp oil lotions?

Used in ointments, creams or other cosmetics, the oil has a high level of skin hydration. It also has regenerative properties and prevents the appearance of mimic wrinkles. Hemp oil also treats various skin conditions, thus supporting the treatment of psoriasis or acne. It is also often used in hair conditioners, making them healthy, shiny and combing out much easier.

Does not contain THC 

Capacity 5 ml

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