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Plastics replaced by hemp.


Cannabis is an unusual plant not only because of its effective composition. Growing hemp is economical, ecological, and most importantly very efficient. Here are some facts and figures to think about that speak for themselves. There are indeed many arguments for its cultivation and better use. Cannabis can fully replace plastics It may seem strange, but it is so. Thanks to their unusual properties, hemp is able to adapt to plastics. With the right technological process, we get a fully biodegradable material that can effectively reduce the production and excessive consumption of plastics. With their removal, this would solve many environmental problems. The solution or at least alleviation of the situation is obvious - it is called industrial hemp. Marijuana is growing very fast Hemp grows very economically while maintaining maximum efficiency. Its cultivation consumes only about half of the water for cotton production. Hemp fiber has great potential for the textile industry. And since time immemorial - the first mention of it comes from the Neolithic. Hemp fibers are also strong, durable and flexible. It is possible to manufacture industrial materials such as tarpaulins, rugs, ropes as well as fashion and footwear elements. Hemp clothing has very good utility properties, is great to wear, is antibacterial, insulates against summer heat and against cold winter. Paper industry built on hemp Similarly, cannabis is unique in its potential for the paper industry. One piece of industrial hemp can be used to produce as much paper as about four times as much wood. The hemp plant consists of 30% cellulose. It is not accidental that one of the first articles created in ancient China 2000 years ago was hemp paper. Even the first banknotes were printed on it. Due to the exceptional durability and elasticity, hemp paper was used much more frequently than papyrus paper. The expansion of paper made of wood occurred only in the nineteenth century.

Hemp cultivation is not only beneficial for the atmosphere Another ecological benefit is that 1 hectare of hemp produces more oxygen than 25 ares of forests. And these numbers lead to real reflection. In addition, cannabis is a very special raw material that can also be used in the cosmetics and food industries. Natural cosmetics and food products or dietary supplements can also become your effective helper. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer.  

Maybe it's time to think about whether it would be profitable for us to return to our roots?